Where To Get Married In SoCal | Serendipity Garden Weddings Tour


Where To Get Married In SoCal | Serendipity Garden Weddings Tour

As a Wedding Planner & Coordinator, I am constantly asked the question “What is your favorite venue?”. This is such a broad question because there are so many different types of weddings and couples!

With the many varieties of venues, I would say some of the most popular locations are beach, city, desert, or garden. In addition, some couples love a vibe that has a lot of trees – Big Bear, Topanga Canyon, etc.

In regard to a Garden Wedding, I always like to tour Serendipity Garden Weddings with my couples. This venue is an all around beautiful venue. It is set in Oakglen, CA. The location is off of the 10 Freeway – in between OC/LA and Palm Springs. If you’re familiar with Redlands, it’s about a 15 minute drive.

If you take a look at the linked YouTube video or their website, the location is absolutely stunning. In the Spring and Summer, there is an abundance of roses and greenery. This can be very beneficial for couples that don’t want to deal with a bunch of decor – since the location speaks for itself!

In addition to the venue being gorgeous, the staff at Serendipity is extremely professional. They will have a Venue Manager the day of your wedding and they are able to facilitate florals, ceremony, reception, and more. Sugar Plum and Co. has also found that the Serendipity staff works very well with our team during the wedding process.

In the attached YouTube video, we go over the many different locations within the venue. These being: The Cottage for the bride and her party to get ready, the Bridal Suite, the different options for ceremony, cocktail hour locations, the different options for reception, and areas to take photos!

This location is extremely popular in Southern California and they get booked out pretty quickly. If you are interested in this venue, I would 100% recommend reaching out to them and requesting a private or group tour.

If there are any venues that you are interested in me showcasing, please let me know! In addition, if there are specific areas (ie. beach, city, desert), our team can create a series around that as well. Thank you for reading. Next blog will be up on Monday (July 29)!


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