Wedding Day Family Photos


Wedding Day Family Photos

My Best Advice & Tips

Family photos have ended up being one of those topics that I feel people need to know about!

I’ve realized that no one seems to know how long family photos on the wedding day take, the necessity of timing, and the crucial aspects of this step of your wedding. Your wedding is so special and every minute counts. With family photos, if you go into them prepared and knowledgeable, they can be very productive and stress-free!

My Top Tips Are:

  1. Make a family shot list in advance.
  2. Keep your list short and sweet.
  3. Assign a family wrangler.
  4. Share your shot list with your family in advance.
  5. Do not leave until dismissed!
  6. Get a seasoned photographer, worth the splurge!

Check out my YouTube video on this topic if you want further info! In addition, please let me know in the comments if you have any additional tips and info on family photos!

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