Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas for ’19 & ’20

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Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas for ’19 & ’20

Modern weddings, as of recent, have been incorporating a lot of unique details. Whether that is though the floral arrangements, invitations, drinks, and more. For today’s blog, we’re going over the different options for guestbooks, how to make them special, and where I recommend going to get them. The guestbook is typically set at the welcome table. Although it is not a necessity for your wedding, it is highly encouraged as it records everyone who joined you for your big-day!

Below are my top eight guestbook ideas! All images are Sugar Plum & Co. weddings!

The first guestbook idea is purchasing an actual book with your engagement photos printed out within. There are a few options for this type of guestbook – there is a more affordable option that has printed images with a glossy finish (almost looks like a children’s book – finish-wise). 

My favorite books, this style, are from a brand called Artifact Uprising. They are a bit pricier, but our team really enjoys them because they are high quality and the book itself is gorgeous. You can get it in different colors and the covers are made from a linen material. This is definitely a book you would have out on a coffee table for guests to look at. 

Side note: You can go through your photographer when you go about this option. Most photographers have access to print shops and can order your books after your engagement shoot. You can ask them to turn your engagement book into a guestbook – two in one! 

Second is a canvas photo – this is essentially a blown-up image of your engagement photo. Many couples do this at FedEx Kinko’s or Costco. You’ll want to get a photo with a lot of white space and not a busy background, so there is room to sign. Or you can go traditional and buy a regular photo and put a larger matte/border around it from Michaels or a similar craft store. This is a popular option because you have the opportunity to hang it in your home.  

Specialty wood pieces have been gaining popularity in recent years. You can get these on Etsy. It would be fun piece because you could hang it up in your home as well. 

A painted globe! Now, this is unique piece if you’re travelers. The couples that I have seen do this will buy a globe and paint it white and/or gold. Then your guests can sign around it. 

Side Note: Make sure to get a big enough globe! You wouldn’t want to run out of room!

Polaroid guest books have been making waves these last few years as well. This has to be one of my top two favorite ideas. Your guests will be able to take their own photos and personalize a message to the bride and groom. This option requires some planning because you will need to have polaroid cameras, extra film, washy tape, pens, etc.

In addition, you may want to have someone manning the guestbook table so they can help change out the film and streamline the process.

A custom artwork pieces is great option for a couple that wants a piece on their wall that is more abstract and isn’t just a photo. An artist I follow @chasinglinen – does really amazing watercolors of couples. 

For a simple, but beautiful option – you could always get a classic blank book. Amazon has a selection of large, well-made, leather back books. You and your partner could pick out a color that you both like and coordinates with your wedding! 

Another one of my favorite options is having a guestbook that is unique to you as a couple. I had a couple once that loved tikki bars and they purchased this really amazing tikki recipe book and they had guests sign it. It really made their wedding stand apart by incorporating their personal taste into the guestbook. I love when couples aren’t afraid to put their own spin on the smaller details. 

Another example is a couple that recently used a devotional book as their guestbook and had friends and family sign it.

Side note: it again is always helpful to have an attendant provide direction to guests on where to sign the guestbook. 

Thanks for reading! Looking forward continuing this blog. Let us know in the comments below what is your favorite guestbook idea!


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