Three Unique Honeymoon Getaways in the United States


Three Unique Honeymoon Getaways in the United States

Whether it is soaking up the sun in the Maldives or exploring ancient ruins in Greece, picking the right spot for your honeymoon can be an exciting, yet stressful, fet. There are thousands of places to venture off to, but which place is the right one for you and your significant other? Below are three unique getaways that you and your loved one can jet off to in a second (all mentioned are within the US) for your honeymoon or for whenever you just need a break from reality. 

Glamping in Zion National Park

  • Location: Utah 
  • Good for: Couple’s who love the great outdoors and camping 

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the country and has everything a nature lover could ever want. From scenic hiking trails to flowing rivers lined with hanging gardens, Zion remains one of the top national parks to visit and is especially beautiful during the **fall and winter months.  If you and your s/o love to camp, then Zion Crest campground is where you’ll want to be. It borders the parks boundaries and gives you stunning views that you can’t get anywhere else. If glamping is more of your style, look no further than Under Canvas Zion. This relatively new glamping experience offers guests already made campsites that are just outside of the park gates and gives stunning, widespread views of the red rocks that make Zion famous. With modern décor and separate bathroom and kitchen areas, Under Canvas Zion is the premier glamping experience! 

**DISCLAIMER: Zion can and should be visited at any part of the year, but the fall and winter months have the best weather. With that being said, nighttime temperatures can drop into the low 30’s, so pack wisely if you choose to go during these two seasons!        

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Seguin Tree-Dweling in Main

  • Location: Georgetown, Maine 
  • Good for: Couple’s who love to explore new places (and are not afraid of heights!) 

The Sequin tree-dwelling experience is a unique twist on the childhood dream of having your own tree house. Nestled in the middle of the forest, these unique spaces offer guests a chance to relax and rejuvenate within the splendor of nature. There are three houses to choose from that each offer sweeping views of the forest area, modern décor, fresh linens and outside hot tubs for when you want to enjoy the cool weather while still being warm. You can go at any time, but the owners suggest booking for the fall so you can get an up close and personal glimpse of the East Coast fall foliage. This is the perfect getaway for the couple that loves exploring new places and staying in fun, unique spaces!

 photo credit: @seguintreedwellings
 photo credit: @seguintreedwellings

Coastal Adventure in Big Sur

  • Location: Big Sur, California 
  • Good for: Couple’s that love road tripping through the California coastline 

Big Sur is another one of those spots that should (and probably is) on everyone’s travel lists. Just 5 hours away from bustling Los Angeles and a mere 2 hours from Silicon Valley, Big Sur remains one of California’s precious gems that combines breathtaking coastlines and dense forests together. Whether you are traveling up from LA or down from the Bay Area, Highway 1 is the only way worth going through this majestic piece of the Golden State. McWay Falls, one of the most photographed parts of Big Sur, has many local cabins and campsites for eager travelers to stay at. The one spot that you and your adventurous s/o should not pass up is Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn. This cozy coastline staple has been a part of the Big Sur community since 1930 and offers guests a variety of rooms and cabins to choose from. If you and your s/o are up for a full day of driving through dramatic coastal scenery, taking Highway 1 all the way up to San Francisco is the best way to go!    

Photo credit: @bigsurcalifornia
photo credit : @deetjensbigsurinn

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