Creative Recessional Toss Ideas

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Creative Recessional Toss Ideas

What is a Recessional Toss?

This is the moment after you have given your vows, said “I do”, kissed, and are walking down the aisle. Such a fun and celebratory moment and why not enhance it with a gorgeous recessional toss! These tosses can be a great addition to your wedding’s aesthetic – through greens, flower petals, herbs, confetti, or even bubbles. Read below and see our take on some of our favorite toss ideas. 

Petal Toss: 

Petal Toss Sachets Photo From Pinterest – Link Source

A few ways to package a petal toss would be through having a petal-toss stations (picture example below). This would be near the welcome table. This would allow for your guest to choose which colors they would want, maybe throw in a few dried herbs or some eucalyptus petals and go to their seats.

Petal Toss Station Photo From Pinterest – Link Source

In addition to the petal stations, couples can prepackage them into cones or sachets and place the petals on the seats closest to the aisle. 

Eucalyptus Petals / Green Petals:

Eucalyptus Sachets Picture From Pinterest – Link Source

Green eucalyptus petals or just green petals in general have been a very beautiful and eco-friendly alternative to other popular options (confetti). With the current trends being all about greenery and plants, green petals (eucalyptus) are a crowd pleasure and great for photography. 

Dried Lavender / Dried Flowers:

Dried Lavender Sachets Photo From Pinterest – Link Source

Another eco-friendly recessional toss idea is dried flowers – in specific, dried lavender! This is a great way to incorporate your wedding colors and add a bohemian look to your wedding. This could be done through pre-packaged cones, sachets that guest fill up themselves, or even having baskets at the end of each isle. 

In addition to the aesthetics of both the lavender and eucalyptus options, there is a plus to both – the fragrance! How nice to have the beautiful aroma of either lavender or eucalyptus cascading over you after saying your vows. 

Confetti Cannons:

Wedding by @sugarplumandco
Photographer: Samantha Dean Photo
Wedding by @sugarplumandco
Photography: @taylorkinziephoto

Confetti tosses and cannons have grown in popularity over the last few years. They add a burst of color to any wedding. In addition, they look great in photos! There are also flower petal cannon alternatives.

These canons can be done in a couple of ways: either through small cannons behind the couple. After they say “I do” they can go off behind and shower them and the bridal party with confetti. Or the bridal party themselves could have the confetti poppers and pop them at the same time. Each option is really fun and incorporates the bridal party! 

Where to buy confetti: Click this link


Wedding by @sugarplumandco
Photography: @ahavastudios

This one isn’t my personal favorite because of the spillage aspect. However, some couples love bubbles and they really do add to the aesthetic and add a whimsical feature to the wedding. Our team would recommend having someone designated to handing the bubbles out prior to the ceremony and explaining what they are intended for! 

Side Note: 

If it were my wedding, I would personally go with the greens! S

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