Casual Convo with Bridal Makeup Artist – @marietranbeauty


Casual Convo with Bridal Makeup Artist – @marietranbeauty

For today’s blog, I wanted to have a casual convo with Marie. She is a very experienced makeup artist in both editorial and bridal. Let’s take a look at what her advice and thoughts are on bridal makeup.

AL: How long have you been doing makeup artistry?

Marie: This year it has been going on fourteen years – bridal eight years!

AL: Prepping?

Marie: My main focus is always skin. I feel like a good foundation before setting the base is working on the skin. I already sprayed rose fix plus (MAC) just to give it a little bit of moisture to your skin. I also added some jojoba oil and I am using Embryolisse moisturizer.

AL: I am assuming you work with different brides with different skin tones and types. How do you go about that?

Marie: First I like to find out if they have any allergies at all. Usually when a bride says they have an allergy or they are allergic to something, it’s because they don’t wash their makeup off properly.

**Marie will give her advice situationally to determine if there is an allergy or give tips&tricks on how to cleanse for the future!

AL: Do you have any skin care favorites right now?

Marie: I love Sunday Riley! I’m loving their Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil and their Good Genes Serum and Luna Oil. If you use these products you should be sure to use SPF – which you should be using anyway!

AL: How far in advance to people book you out? Or better yet, when should brides book you?

Marie: A good time frame is a year before. I’ve even had people book out two years before! I wouldn’t suggest doing the month of or two weeks before. I would definitely recommend booking your makeup artist and photographer a year in advance!

**You should prioritize hair and makeup over cake – for sure! You want to make sure your happy with the way you look in person and in photos**

AL: When should a bride do the trial?

Marie: I do like to call it a preview session. Most of the time you’ve already booked them, so you’re just deciding what look you’re going for and what you like. Most of the time the preview session will be on the day of the engagement photo session. Also, depending on the hair style and what they want to do.

AL: What should a bride be looking for in their Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist?

Marie: I think that if the makeup artist’s style matches the bride’s aesthetic – that’s what they should be looking for. A lot of my brides have found me through my before and afters because the people still look like themselves – by looking more awake and fresh. I don’t do dramatic changes, unless that’s what they want!

Well that’s it!

We loved sitting down with Marie – she is such a GEM and has so much experience in the artistry field of hair and makeup. Most of the questions I asked were about makeup, but if you’d want us to go into detail on hair, please let me know.

Like I have mentioned in my Top 5 Splurge Items for your wedding, I really feel like you should invest in your dress, hair, & makeup. If you don’t like the way you look, you may not be in the best mood. It’s okay to make your big-day all about you!

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