Aesthetic Weddings | Where To Get Married In SoCal | Ebell Long Beach


Aesthetic Weddings | Where To Get Married In SoCal | Ebell Long Beach

The first wedding venue that we toured was Serendipity Garden Weddings (link to video). We had such a positive reaction to that video that we decided to go to another one of our favorites – Ebell Long Beach!

When we have those couples that are looking for a show stopping venue that speaks for itself, we always recommend checking out this venue. Ebell Long Beach is one of three Ebell locations, but we may be biased when we say this one is our favorite. Every single corner of this venue has detail after detail. In addition, the live plants, stunning tile, and outstanding staff are major bonuses.

The location is set in Long Beach, which can be considered a part of Los Angeles. This is always a great option for weddings because it gives guests a variety of places to stay, park, Uber, and activities to do before and after the wedding.

In the attached YouTube video, we go over the many different rooms and details within Ebell Long Beach. These being: The main ceremony location, the different live plants, the main library/cocktail hour area, reception room, catering kitchen, catering library, bridal suite, extra room for romantics, bathrooms, and more!

In addition to Ebell Long Beach being stunning and impactful (aethetically), the staff is professional and easy to work with. They also have an in house catering and bar. This is alway a bonus because you don’t need to worry about finding a good caterer, because that is already taken care of!

A quick side note on this location is that it is all indoors! When selecting a photographer or videographer, make sure they are very experienced in indoor photography so that the day is captured perfectly. In addition, maybe reaching out to the venue for a photographer or videographer that they recommend.

Check out the attached YouTube video – where we go over the details and all the reasons why we love Ebell Long Beach!

If there are any venues that you are interested in me showcasing, please let me know! In addition, if there are specific areas (ie. beach, city, desert), our team can create a series around that as well. Thank you for reading. Next blog will be up on Monday (August 26)!

Ebell Long Beach

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  • Thumbnail Photo(s): Photo of Ceremony Location at Ebell Long Beach: @madisonrylee
  • Photo of Abby Lee in Women’s Lounge Room in YouTube video thumbnail: @peachykeensocial
  • Picture taken at @sugarplumandco wedding Leanne and Michael!

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