3 Different Types of Napkin Folds

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3 Different Types of Napkin Folds

When you are planning your wedding, there are so many important details you need to consider. From picking out the color scheme to deciding on what to do for your seating chart, the tiniest details make the biggest impact. To make it hopefully a bit easier for you, we have put together a list of our favorite napkin folds along with some tidbits about each: 

1.Knot Tie

  • The knot tie has been all over Pinterest and Instagram as of late – and for good reason! It’s a beautiful napkin fold that adds so much texture and life to your tablescape. Just keep in mind that not all napkin fabrics are created equal and that it’s important to consider the texture and weight of your napkin when considering this fold. We’ve found that some polyester napkins that are often included in venue wedding packages are far too bulky for this fold. If this is the case for you, consider outsourcing your napkins to a vendor such as Borrowed Blu (https://www.borrowedblu.com/). Their organic, cotton napkins are the perfect texture to showcase the knot tie!
  • Another note and tidbit on the knot tie: whenever you go to your tasting with your caterer, ask them if they can show you an example of the knot tie. We have found that some catering staffs can’t tie these properly – so seeing what they look like from them directly will set your expectations accordingly and give them time to learn it if necessary. 
Photo by Tony Wodarck

2.Pocket fold Napkin

  • One of our other favorite napkin folds is the classic pocket fold! You can never go wrong with this guy! We are especially big fans of this fold if you plan to incorporate some type of stationary such as a menu or reception card (which adds SO much to your tablescape by the way) – as you can just tuck this right into the napkin! 

Photo by The Beloved Photo

3. Octopus Fold Napkin

  • Silly name but impactful napkin fold! We’ve also seen this fold referenced as the ghost fold, whatever you want to call it – the wedding fairies approve. This fold does best when paired with a silk ribbon (easily found on Amazon or Etsy), and gives your table design a more flowy and romantic aesthetic. It’s also great to attach place cards with if this is something you are considering! 

Whether you go with one of our favorites or decide on something completely different, one thing we are strong believers in is the importance of the napkin and the napkin fold! We understand that weddings, tabletop rentals and glassware are expensive. We also know that it’s the expensive stuff that everyone likes. We get it, we hear you, and we’re here to help, which is why we are such advocates for napkins and can’t stop preaching about them. Instead of spending $8 a charger to elevate your table, maybe get a velvet napkin for $2 instead. Or do a pocket fold and spend $1.75 (per menu) on some stationary with a cute font. You don’t need to break the bank to have a beautiful wedding, it’s all about knowing what details to allocate your dollars too: napkins!

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